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For tips regarding car locks and keys, scroll down this page

Don't leave the key on the ignition

Do you know how many people leave the ignition car key in the car to do their errands? Some leave them on the ignition and keep the engine running! Such actions put your car in danger. Opportunist thieves will have a field day. Not only should you take your car key with you, but our experts also suggest locking the car and leave no windows open.

Check the car locks occasionally

If you are using the transponder key to get in the car, you actually don't pay attention to the condition of the locks. If they are tampered with, you won't know it. If they wear and tear over the years, you won't be able to know unless you often check them out. Make sure the door locks properly for security reasons and once in a while use the key to open and lock the door just to make sure everything is okay.

Take care of your car keys

Don't leave your car keys just anywhere. Apart from losing time finding them, you also risk losing your car. Car key theft is common and one of the reasons why so many cars are still getting stolen. Don't leave them exposed in public places and try not to forget them when visiting other offices or go to the bank.

Don't pick the locks of your car

If you have car lock problems, it's best to trust our technicians. Modern cars have high tech anti-theft systems monitored by a central unit. There are many wires and connections involved and you will possibly cause more damage than good by trying to open your own car. If you inflict damage, the cost for repairs will be more than auto lockout service.

How to improve car security

Your car is secure when it's parked inside, the door locks are secured and the windows closed. Install alarm systems with various sensors, avoid keeping items (especially valuables) inside the vehicle, and make sure your car keys are not lost or stolen. Choose to park in secure garages and if you park in the street, choose illuminated spots close to security cameras.

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