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Why shouldn't we leave pets in the car?

People often put pets in the car or even in the trunk and leave them there when they go in stores, the doctor or the bank. It only takes one second to lose the transponder key - and keys are also stolen all the time. In such cases, you won't be able to open the door. Our technicians offer immediate auto lockout service but you'll put your pet's life in danger if you take long to get back and it's a hot day.

Why are car alarm systems so important?

Alarm systems discourage thieves, notify you that someone is meddling with your car if you are nearby, and the siren alerts all people around. There are several alarm systems today. The more sensors you have the better! Apart from securing the door locks with the right sensors, it's also wise to install shock sensors which will go off if the window breaks.

Do car alarms make a difference?

Car alarm systems are definitely extremely important since they can keep thieves from stealing the car. Modern cars might have door, proximity, shock, tilt and a variety of more sensors, which will activate the alarm as soon as someone gets even close to the vehicle let alone smashing the window or try breaking the door locks.

Can I avoid car theft?

Car security is increased when you park in lit parts of the street and close to security cameras inside parking lots. Our specialists suggest keeping the car door locks secure, the windows closed and avoid keeping a spare transponder key in the car or leaving valuables like laptops, purses, cells etc. Alarm systems also discourage thieves.

Should I lock the car when parked in the home garage?

It's best to keep the car door locks secure and the ignition car key well hidden even if you park in the secure environment of your own garage. If someone manages to break-in the house, he won't leave with your car. It will also be safer for kids, who would love to sit in the driver's seat for once.

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